Alladin’s temporary digs

Here’s Alladin in his temporary home-away-from-home. That arm is John, petting him. See the little plastic line coming out of his bed? That’s his IV, dripping fluids and medicine to him, 24 hours a day. We visited again at lunch today. He had used his box recently, and had eaten this morning. While we were […]


We visited Alladin at the vet today. He was very affectionate and glad to have his bed. He ate this morning (yay!). He is jaundiced, which is not good, but may be temporary. He peed while we were there, which was great and healthy for him. He cried a lot when we left. And loudly. […]


Alladin’s lab work on Monday AM indicated liver failure. We brought him home last night with a sub-cutaneous fluid bag and some pills (antibiotic and something for liver health). He spent all night and this morning glued to my side– he is a cuddly cat, but normally he takes you on his terms. Last night, […]

Cat Home

Alladin is home. He has liver failure. We don’t know why. This is not a haiku. It’s a broken heart.