Alladin, WWKIP day, etc.

Alladin went to the vet yesterday, a little dehydrated. They wanted to keep him over the weekend, because of his history with the UTIs and the lack of eating (the cynical side of me says they either wanted $300 or they thought since I came in at 5 PM on a Friday that what I […]

House is fine

The Martin Rd. fire in Bonny Doon is close to our house, but there are several major roads, a river, and a fire department in between our house and it. Our only hope is that the buyers won’t be scared off by it. The cat is stubborn, but he has been killing mosquitoes.

Adirondacks and New Jersey

We’re here in the Adirondacks, in upstate New York, near Warrensburg, with limited Internet and cell phone reception. This is part of the band of greenery that stretches across the northern states– the same terrain and pine trees you see in Wisconsin, Michigan, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Also, very similar bugs. Mostly mosquitoes. We […]

TKGA: No Progress

Another week of no progress on the TKGA Master program. Last week was very busy– went to the STC conference in Philadelphia, where I had very little time to knit, then we moved up to the Adirondacks. It took us 3 days because we had to check out of one place on Friday, and couldn’t […]

Stealth Bloggers

Tonight is our first night “Walmarting” in a commercial parking lot, overnighting for free with quasi-permission. We are in a (location undisclosed) parking lot in Kingston, New York, on our way up to Lake George (in the Adirondack mountain range). We’ll be there for at least a month, through the 4th of July and probably […]

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