Girl Bryte

Work in Progress. Started in October, 2022. If you’re interested in playtesting, sign up here. This is a magical girl RPG using a Tarot deck and the Burn Bryte dice mechanic for action resolution.

Tiny Dragons/Epyllion Hack

This is a hack to use the solo Tiny Dragons RPG and Epyllion together. Your entire Epyllion group must agree to the Tiny Dragon off-table game. Note: Tiny Dragons is a solo game. Epyllion is a group game. This hack attempts to reconcile the two games so you can play them with the same character. Character Sheet Conversion: Epyllion […]

200-word RPG Supplement: Moon Mage Compendium Class

download as PDF. Developer Statement: I ran an Epyllion campaign in 2014 for some friends of mine and their daughter. When the campaign ended, we picked up Dungeon World and decided to play it in Dragonia, but thousands of years later. Most magic is the human kind, but when our heroes encountered a dragon, we […]

TimeWatch Adventures!

Hannibal Crossing the Alps (2/4/14) TimeWatch has detected an anomaly in the continuum! It doesn’t sound too serious, but we’re pretty sure Hannibal wasn’t riding a triceratops over the mountains. Can your team fix it, rookie? Recruitment Drive (3/15/14) “Beware the Ides of March! No, I’m serious, guys– March 15th is, like, seriously a bad-luck […]