Alladin’s temporary digs

Here’s Alladin in his temporary home-away-from-home. That arm is John, petting him. See the little plastic line coming out of his bed? That’s his IV, dripping fluids and medicine to him, 24 hours a day.


We visited again at lunch today. He had used his box recently, and had eaten this morning. While we were there, he decided to impress us by eating some more, and he polished off the food he had in his bowl, and started in on more food when they refilled it. Still didn’t drink today, though (he drank yesterday and the day before).

He is less jaundiced today than yesterday– John can’t see it and thinks Alladin’s paws are yellow from the iodine used during the biopsy (maybe, but his ears are yellowish, and I know what I’m looking at).

He was very affectionate, and even bit each of us a couple of times, just so we’d know he loves us.

We will know the results of the biopsy tomorrow.