TKGA Progress

I re-knit Swatch #2, this time with K1P1 ribbing (previously I had misread the instructions and did K2P2 ribbing– whoops!): The back of my stockinette isn’t perfect, but it doesn’t have visible ridges, and I think it’ll even out with blocking: I also made Swatch 14, the cabled swatch: I think it’s uneven, but it’ll […]

The big yellow shawl

The big yellow shawl I’ve been knitting (and knitting and knitting) is complete. I had originally thought that it was going to be too big, but I didn’t block it as hard as I could have, and it ended up being just a little oversized. BTW: If you’re a woman of great stature and want […]

Knitting progress and TKGA

I’ve been knitting on some lace this week. This yellow shawl is from the Blue Jeans Shawl pattern, made with KnitPicks bare laceweight merino yarn, which I dyed myself into the “self-striping” pattern you see here: Notice the size of the thing. I haven’t blocked it yet, but this shawl is going to be enormous. […]

Alladin’s home!

We brought Alladin home this morning. He’s resting comfortably. Even ate a little food this afternoon. He is shaved all over– tummy, neck, forepaw, back legs– due to all the IVs, shots, and the ultrasound. But he’s home,and fur grows back.

Alladin is #1!

We got a phone call yesterday just before 6 PM that Alladin’s biopsy results are in. He has hepatic lipidosis, also known as “option #1.” What this means for our little guy: 1) He has an 80% chance of making a full recovery. There is a possibility that, in the 3 samples they took, none […]