#RPGaDay 21: Favorite Setting

A couple of years ago, I got a couple of good role-players together to play a campaign. We started with Microscope, creating a setting that was, in essence, a gigantic city that trundled through a wasteland, in search of other cities. It was mechanical, a little micro-ecosystem that had been artificially created. There was magic, […]

Tales from the Arco: Game Closed

I’m sure I forgot to mention this: My Saturday night Fate game has ended. We had 4 total sessions: 1 world-creation, 1 character creation, and 2 adventure sessions. Unfortunately, those 4 sessions took about 4 months, due to time conflicts making us only able to play about once a month. Eventually, one of my players […]

Magic from the Arco

My Fate players and I finally got together on Saturday. We sat down and created characters for the PCs, a couple of NPCs, and some setting concepts. We have Garosh, the heir to a doomed barbarian tribe. Garosh is big, beefy, all muscle, but a keen hunter, especially out in the wilderness. He’s also got […]