Final Day!

Today is the last day to back Naomi and the Dragon! Kid-friendly, or just lovely escapism for yourself! This Kickstarter will be the only way to get a print copy of the comic book! Check it out, and pledge before 5:30 Pacific tonight!


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Migraine Journal: 1 month

I’ve been following the program from Heal Your Headache for about a month now. It’s largely an elimination diet, combined with going medication-free for four months, after which I can slowly start adding potential trigger foods back until I trigger a headache. Some of the foods eliminated: caffeine, MSG, alcohol, chocolate, cheese, onions, nuts, and citrus (including juice).

It is not easy to cook this way, and it’s even harder to dine out or buy pre-made foods, like hummus. Or mayonnaise. I make some of those things for myself now, but it isn’t easy. I remind myself every day that this is temporary– I have 3 more months to go. (I try to remind myself that a lot of things are temporary. Like presidents.)

I will say that, overall, I feel better. I’ve lost a little bit of weight– not much, because when I feel deprived, I’ll have a soda or juice or a migraine-safe sweet. I’m drinking herbal tea like it’s going out of style– I had to replace my morning coffee with something, and I’m enjoying some turmeric-based teas by Rumi while I cope with the loss.

After a month, I’ve had 3 headaches. One was a classic migraine– triggered in part by being at a noisy, crowded networking event where there was plenty of alcohol…. that I couldn’t drink (at least I’m now both a cheap date and a designated driver!)

Then, there was the mild, generalized headache that lingered for about 2-3 days. It was accompanied by acne, a bad mood, disturbing dreams, generalized anxiety, and back pain. Oh, right. That would be my period. It’s the first “regular” period I’ve had in a very long time, having been on hormonal birth control and IUD for about 20 years, and then having fibroids that disrupted it for over a year. Well– good to know what to expect, and surprising to find out that I’m as susceptible to menstrual-triggered migraines as anyone else.

Finally, I had a very odd one last Friday. We were out in the very cold weather (for Vegas) for about an hour, and when I finally came back in, I had a headache. It wasn’t severe, but it was “more than mild.” About a 4 on a scale of 1-10. As I warmed up, the headache went away, and was gone within 15-20 minutes.

I’ve never before paid so much attention to my headaches and triggers. Usually, I’ve only really noticed if I have one that’s really severe or debilitating. I’ll update again if things change or if I determine it’s not working after all.

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Naomi and the Dragon: Christmas Delivery

As you know, I’m working on a comic book, currently funding on Kickstarter. The campaign ends next Thursday, February 9th, and we are so close to making our goal!

So, as of today, we are guaranteeing delivery by Christmas.

Read more about it in our latest update!

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2017 Goals!

So, what are my SMART goals for 2017? Besides “resist fascism,” here’s what I hope to accomplish this year:

  • Finish Threadbare and ship to backers by end of May
  • Get PMP Certification by July 31
  • Get CSP certification by December 31
  • Finish Naomi and the Dragon and ship to backers by December 1
  • Keep improving at bass (needs a measurable goal)
  • Spend at least 72 hours (roughly 90 minutes/week) in aerobic exercise (dancing, running, gym, etc. Walking and sex don’t count)
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January 2017 Books

#1: The Lion’s Courtship, A. Wendeberg. I think this is a prequel to Wendeberg’s other novels about Anna Kronberg, late-19th century medical sleuth. It looks like an interesting series, tying into Sherlock Holmes, but the reviews are a little harsh about the books having cliffhanger endings.

#2: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Truman Capote. A classic which I’d never read before. Listened to the audiobook, which is read by Michael C. Hall (of Dexter and Six Feet Under).

#3: Heal Your Headache, David Buchholz. Non-fiction book about controlling migraines. I had about a week of migraines at the end of 2016 and start of 2017, and decided I should finally give this a shot. I will post a more thorough review of the diet and progress after I’ve followed it for more than 4 days. I will say this: giving up caffeine is not my favorite thing.

#4: Beast, Brie Spangler. YA novel about a huge teenager who meets his manic pixie dream girl. She’s trans. Transphobia ensues.


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