How To Play Pokemon Go While Running

pokemon-go-logo-01HUGE DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical or fitness professional. I am an overweight desk worker, and this is entirely based on my experiences. Consult with your doctor before starting any fitness plan! Pay attention to your body– if something hurts, especially a sharp pain, then stop your activity, gently stretch, and go rest it. If you suspect an injury, or if it hurts for more than 2 days, see a medical professional.

Now, on to the post!

So, I play Pokemon Go and I also run quite a bit. A friend of mine recently asked how to combine the two activities, so I’ve written this handy little strategy guide to leveling up your body while hunting your pokemon! It’s broken down into three sections, for those who need to build their walking endurance, those who need to transition into running, and those who want to combine pokemon hunting and running at the same time.

My advice in here hinges on using the tried-and-true Couch-to-5K training plan. These are based on a solid training program that isn’t too onerous, and which has helped millions of people get up and go. There are tons of C25K apps for various smartphones available, or you can use a stopwatch to keep track of your intervals (the amount of time you run and walk).

For reference: I am short, about 80 lbs overweight, and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it regularly hits 110F during the summer. On Saturday morning, I ran 3 miles without dying. I probably could have run another mile, if I’m honest with myself, but it was 8 AM and starting to get hot.

BE SAFE! Drink plenty of water, run in areas where you feel safe, wear non-cotton “quick dry” clothes to maintain body temperature, wear reflective clothes when running at night, and above all, make sure you have good running shoes that fit well and provide the right support for your foot. Many runners team up with a friend for safety and motivation, as well!

Pokemon Go Activities for Runners

There are four types of activities in Pokemon Go that you do while on the go. All of them require the app to be open and in the foreground while you do them.

Incubating Eggs: The most passive activity. If you have the app open and the GPS registers that you are moving at a walk or jog pace, it will log kilometers on your eggs and eventually hatch them.

Hitting Pokestops: This is how you get free pokeballs, potions, and eggs. You have to be near one to initiate a “spin,” and after you spin the ring, your free stuff falls out. Click the freebies and they will go into your inventory.

Many pokemon players don’t know you can “quick-hit” these stops. Spin the ring and then click the “X” to close the stop. Your freebies will be put into your inventory automatically. I get my goodies at pokestops in about 2 seconds using this method– plenty fast enough to keep jogging, and safer because I’m not looking at my phone.

Catching Pokemon: Because you have to look at the screen to throw pokeballs, I do not recommend this while you are jogging, and I don’t recommend it if you are walking anywhere unsafe. Stay aware of your surroundings. In some cases, though, especially if you are a slow walker or on a safe, paved path, you can catch them while you continue to walk.

Hitting the Gym: Gym battles and training take a lot of focus. Don’t do them while you are training your body.

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April-May 2016 Books and stuff

Round-up of my reading log.

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Gamex 2016 (Strategicon): What we played!

This weekend, I went to Strategicon, as I do two or three times a year. Memorial Day weekend is Gamex, and it’s usually well-attended and of course a lot of fun.

brehahaFriday night, I’d pre-registered for a game called Brew Ha Ha from UNCORKED Games! It has 24 left in its Kickstarter right now, and I highly recommend it!

The premise of the game is like Apples to Apples, Funemployed, or Cards Against Humanity, with a judge and each player submitting cards to tickle the judge’s funny bone. In Brew Ha Ha, however, each round starts with a 1-ounce beer tasting, and you pick cards that describe the beer. The judge awards a point to the “most accurate” description, and one point to their personal favorite, which may or may not be accurate, or maybe just funny.

In the course of a few rounds, we drank about the equivalent of a single beer, but had a lot of fun doing so! Really fun game, and one of the few “drinking games” where the point isn’t to do irreparable liver damage!

Saturday was a good day for kicking around, going to the vendor hall, and catching up with friends. I ran Threadbare at 2 and 8 PM, so I didn’t want to get too overtaxed beforehand. My 2 PM game was in the “family hall,” which was poorly marked, but consisted of a set of tables in the hallway. When only adults showed up to play, we moved over to an empty table in one of the gaming rooms. I ran the first run-through of “Flight of the Bumblebee,” a new adventure where you’re a scouting group for your community. For the 8 PM game, I had 7 players, and was reminded that 7 is just a bit too many for PbtA games (I never learn!)

Sunday morning was beach time, which was lovely! I took my kite out and we had a  great time flying it at Venice Beach. Lots of fun, lots of people working out (I guess this was the area known for lots of gyms and such!)

Sunday afternoon I played in Dave K’s new game, Bedlam Hall. It’s a (PbtA) cross between Downton Abbey and Edward Gorey. Wonderfully dreadful, and I can’t wait to see how he continues to develop it. I think it’ll be a very fun game once he’s ready to release it.

In the evening, I played in Toby’s game Jinkies! Also PbtA, Jinkies is a Scooby-Doo inspired adventure where you play the Scooby gang, solving a mystery and having adventures on the way. I playtested a new playbook that didn’t really fit in with the other archetypes. He’ll be revisiting that playbook as he continues to develop it.

Monday morning, we busted out Yellowstone, an Avalon Hill game about the national park. It’s basically Chinese Checkers with predators, and although we had fun, this was definitely our “bad game for the con” experience. It didn’t help that this was the game I personally brought to the con, and which I now own. Ah, well. It was fun anyway, and I got to play a herd of elk!

While I was out of town, Threadbare hit $9K in funding, and continues to go well. The Kickstarter has 8 days left, and I’m excited and hope it hits its next two stretch goals before it finishes up!

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Threadbare is LIVE! (And some behind-the-scenes marketing talk)

As of last Wednesday, Threadbare is LIVE on Kickstarter!

If you don’t know, Threadbare is my role-playing game about broken toys in a broken world. It has a stitchpunk/maker aesthetic, but focuses on creating and building, rather than tearing things apart.

I’ve written about it quite a bit here in the blog, and I’m very excited that the game is finally live and funding.

But let me chat a little bit about one of the things I’ve done to promote my Kickstarter. Aside from telling everyone I know, and being a little shameless about podcasts and interviews, of course.

As you might or might not know, many years ago, I wrote a fantasy world-building guide, and then later I wrote a 30-day guide for world-building. For several years, I’ve had an “ad box” on those pages, quietly drawing revenue from Project Wonderful, which is an ad-share service largely focused on the webcomic and geek markets. It doesn’t do popups, and  I used it to promote Handknit Heroes a bit, but found that it was just a nice trickle of revenue that I left in my Project Wonderful account. Over the years, that has accumulated to a small sum in my account, money which I didn’t have to actually put into the account.

On Sunday, I posted an ad for Threadbare on the site and started spending what’s in my account. I’ve already had one sale due to the ads, which have been shown over 130,000 times (click through rate isn’t great, though). I was able to target them somewhat towards games/gaming, crafting, and writing sites. Most importantly, though, this didn’t cost me anything right now, when I’m trying to promote this Kickstarter without breaking the bank.

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RPG Blog Carnival: Weather Roundup!

April Showers was the theme for this month’s RPG Blog Carnival, and I was very honored to host it!

Tables and Game Aids

Articles and Theorycraft

For my part, April ended up getting away from me thanks to a lot of unexpected travel. However, I had a marvelous moment this week running a one-shot for my niece and her friends in Missouri. We were playing my game Threadbare (coming soon on Kickstarter!), and her friends kept throwing around some great ideas for adventures and adversaries and obstacles. At one point, her friend Y suggested that we could have a big scary weather event, “like a toynado.” She might have meant tornado, but with Threadbare being all about toys… well, just look for a storm-chaser adventure starter in the next few months!

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