RPGaDay #2: Kickstarter I’m Most Pleased I Backed

55f70f0ffd42adf2585167d3a1bb0c38_largeThe answer to this one, after over a hundred kickstarters, is still Timewatch, but for different reasons than last year.

Last year, my reasons for loving this game were fairly simple: it’s an awesome game that has huge potential and an amazingly fun sense of humor in the writing. The setting is evocative but open-ended enough that you can change it. You can even change it mid-game because the nature of time travel is such that one change could alter the future culture significantly.

You can take it silly, in a Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure way, or a serious as the original Terminator movie. I’ve used it for an Aliens “bug hunt” style adventure, a wildly gonzo adventure, and a historically-drenched Viking saga.

But that’s not why I love this game. I love this game because it helped me finally take the step into writing games for pay. I’d already started writing Threadbare before Timewatch went onto Kickstarter, but I hadn’t really understood what I was doing, and although I’d been a writer for over fifteen years by then, I hadn’t done anything serious in game writing.

The Book of Changing Years is my first real contribution to the world of gaming. I added a zombie plotline to the book, one which is based on a trilogy I ran at last year’s GenCon. I was then tapped to write Day of the Wehrwolf for Pelgrane Press (which publishes Timewatch). I’ve been contacted for other projects as well. This all gave me the confidence to reach out to Mark Diaz Truman at Magpie Games and finally talk about Threadbare. I just finished writing my contribution to the Epyllion supplement, the Encyclopedia Draconica.

Basically, I can track a lot of my game writing activity to backing Timewatch, running it at the Contessa online event while the Kickstarter was still active, and continuing to run it and write stuff for it and other games afterwards.

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#RPGaDay #1: Coming Soon

RPG a day 2015 - Twitter

Today kicks off RPGaDay month, a month of posting about RPGs and sharing on social media some of your exciting RPG love. Day 1 is "Forthcoming Game You’re Most Looking Forward To."

deadscareI have three games I wish I could talk about for today, but I’ll pick just one, because I’m relatively sure it won’t be out before today: Dead Scare by Elsa S. Henry. I first learned about this game on Google+ and found the idea very exciting. You play suburban women in the zombie apocalypse happening in the 1950’s. It’s against a backdrop of McCarthyism, while all the menfolk are at work in the (presumably overrun) city. It’s a Powered by the Apocalypse style game, so this will be a game of hard choices and swapping narrative control back and forth between the players and GM.

It’s a bit like Housewives with Chainsaws in concept, but I think the mechanics are better, and Elsa has spent more time and effort in developing Dead Scare (which isn’t to knock Housewives with Chainsaws in the slightest, but the site hasn’t been updated in 2 years, so I’m not sure if it’s still in development).

I’ll be making Dead Scare available at Games on Demand at Gen Con today (Saturday , August 1), and other GMs are offering it tomorrow, so stop by if you’re in Indy and want to play! It’s one of the "all female playable character" games I’m offering, along with Best Friends, Mermaid Adventures, and Magical Fury.

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GenCon 2015: Schedule and Stuff

I’m going to Gen Con this week! If you’re going and want to meet up, here’s what you should know about where I’m planning to be! There are some tips in here about social awkwardness and such; if you are socially awkward or anxious, here’s the user manual to interacting with me.

My hair is currently blonde and medium-length. I am short– 5’1" when I stretch– so you will not spot me easily in a crowd. I’m also loud, however, so you might hear me before you see me. This is me:


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Dragon Knitting

I’m following along with Kim Harrison’s dragon knit-along! This weekend’s homework was to knit 5 pieces of a wing:

2015-07-26 19.33.35

There are increases and decreases in these pieces, some of which are a little weird. I’ll be honest– Harrison could use a good technical editor (there are common guidelines she isn’t sticking to, and she has a huge typo in her pattern and stitch instructions), although she is really clear at the beginning that the pattern hasn’t been professionally edited.

Anyway, this week’s assignment is a bunch of icord wing bones. That’s fun… but it means I am now a little stuck because I didn’t get pipe cleaners yet! I can fix this by using floral wire (as long as it’s not expected to show), or I can wait to cast on until I have the pipe cleaners.

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Pretty Teal Shawl

I started knitting this shawlravelry-round in February, using yarn I bought during San Diego Comic Con last year. The pattern is Dianna, and the yarn is a discontinued colorway of Zitron Filigran– long color repeats that were exactly what I wanted for this entrelac lace shawl.

For the record, I have had this shawl in my queue for about 5 years. I have also tried to start it several times before giving up.

I finished it yesterday!

2015-07-23 16.43.53

I added a modified feather-and-fan border to “pull it together” and finished with about 5 yards of yarn to spare.

It’s a lovely blue-teal, which will go very nicely with the blue infinity dress I made last month:

2015-06-23 17.11.46

More details about the pattern, needles, progress photos, etc. are in the Ravelry link above.

Next up: the Kim Harrison dragon knit-along and a traveling project for Indiana.

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