Epyllion: Friendship is Magic, Dragon Edition

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Last night, I ran Epyllion, a powered-by-the-apocalypse game in which you play a juvenile dragon adventuring in Dragonia, to find and stop the Darkness. I played with a married couple of friends of mine (long-time D&D players), and their 8 year old daughter (this is her first RPG). In real life, their daughter is a dragon currently polymorphed into a little girl, so this was a perfect way for her to revisit her natural form for a while.

(What?!? I’m not going to tell her otherwise, people! You try telling a dragon she’s not a dragon and see where it gets you! No thanks– I am soft and go well with ketchup!)

It’s a fairly simple premise with some interesting rules mechanics that really support cooperative play. It’s currently in its “drake edition” (beta playtesting), so the book isn’t really complete yet.

This is my writeup of our adventures, plus some playtester and “meta” notes, which I’ll demarcate in purple italic text. I’m going to call the players Mom, Dad, and Kiddo here, to protect their privacy. Character names will remain the same.

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RPGaDay 30: Rarest rpg

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30: Rarest RPG Owned
We have the Gurps Horseclans book. It’s not a full RPG, but is instead an expansion book for playing the  Mongol tribes in Gurps. It currently goes for about $85 on eBay.image


RPGaDay 29: Most Memorable Encounter

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29: Most Memorable Encounter

I will remember this one for a long time, because this was the day I made the DM cry. It’s memorable for very meta reasons, but also because this was a prime example of our DM being awesome and not turning us back onto the railroad tracks just because we had messed up his beautiful map. Good job, Steve.


RPGaDay 28: Scariest Game I’ve played

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28: Scariest Game I’ve Played

Cthulhu Live! This LARP is an immersive, Cthulhu-inspector ball of fun… until everyone goes insane, of course. I played this at a convention, where I was recruited to be an NPC and had a blast.


RPGaDay 27: Game I want a new/improved edition of…

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27: Game I’d Like to See a New/Improved Edition Of

I think I’m going to go with Stuperpowers. This is a game that is more fun to read than to play, but it has so much potential for capturing the comedic superhero genre (a la Mystery Men).

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