RPGaDay 28: Scariest Game I’ve played

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28: Scariest Game I’ve Played

Cthulhu Live! This LARP is an immersive, Cthulhu-inspector ball of fun… until everyone goes insane, of course. I played this at a convention, where I was recruited to be an NPC and had a blast.


RPGaDay 27: Game I want a new/improved edition of…

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27: Game I’d Like to See a New/Improved Edition Of

I think I’m going to go with Stuperpowers. This is a game that is more fun to read than to play, but it has so much potential for capturing the comedic superhero genre (a la Mystery Men).


RPGaDay 26: Coolest Character Sheet

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26: Coolest Character Sheet

I won’t go with coolest, cause I’m really undecided on that. There are some really cool character sheets out there. But I really like Nathan Paoletta’s Vesna Thaw character sheets, because part of character creation is drawing parts on the other players’ robots. Which does lead to a lot of robots with giant phalluses (or phalli, for pedants), but otherwise can be quite entertaining and result in giant robots that don’t have any mobility.

Orccon 2014 - 1 Orccon 2014 - 2 Orccon 2014 - 5 Orccon 2014 - 7


RPGaDay 24-25

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#24: Most Complicated RPG Owned GURPS is freakin’ complicated. I probably have more complex RPGs in my Kindle, but Gurps is the most complicated I’ve actually tried to play. Too-crunchy system. I know it’s popular. I know people love it. I hate all the math.

#25: Favorite RPG No One Else Wants to Play Gee, just about anything that isn’t D&D or Timewatch. I can get people interested in Dungeon World, but actually sitting down and getting dice out is a challenge, and even moreso with getting people to show up regularly for a campaign.

I continue to be tempted to play the D&D adventure Hoard of the Dragon Queen using Dungeon World….


#RPGaDay 22 and 23

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22: Best Secondhand Purchase I don’t buy a lot of RPGs second-hand, but I did get most of my Al Qadim books and box sets on eBay, and those have served well through 2 AQ campaigns, back in my 2nd edition days (one game was up to 13 players– too many!)

23: Coolest Looking I didn’t buy it at GenCon, but Pulse is a very creative piece of work. But my favorite for “coolest looking” has to be Death of a Gilded Age by Nathan Paoletta, which is a game printed on a gorgeous art deco poster.

gilded age

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