1 Month Celebration: Post Card Giveaway!

This is Bloggy Giveaway week. It’s also the end of my first month of blogging here on ustravel.today.com . Two great reasons to give free stuff away! Here’s how to enter: Post a non-spam comment or drop your entrecard on any post at http://ustravel.today.com between right now and 11:00 PM August 1. On Saturday morning, […]

Birthday Travels and Wishes

First, on the subject of birthdays: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!! You’re awesome, and I love you very much. I am always glad to have you as both my mother and my friend. Anyway. Now all about me! My birthday is coming up and, coincidentally, one of my friends from high school is getting married that weekend, […]

5 Low-Impact Birthday Gifts

It’s birthday season around here. My mom’s birthday is today, and mine is coming up in a couple of weeks. I look around my little house-on-wheels and think “gee, what do I want for my birthday?” I know what I don’t want: more stuff! There’s no room for the Stuff we have right now! But, […]

How to Annoy Everyone at the RV Park

Living in an RV, we’ve had the opportunity to meet many nice, friendly folks on the road– opportunities which we’ve shunned, because let’s face it, other people are annoying. Therefore, I present to you 20 ways to annoy your neighbors when you live or camp at an RV park: This weekend is the perfect time […]