I can haz facebook?

Yes, I can! The wedding this weekend was quite lovely, and we got to visit with many wonderful friends. We’re heading to Philadelphia today for the STC conference next week. I’m speaking Tuesday morning on paperless offices for independent contractors at the CIC-SIG progression. Be there or be: ————- | | | | | | […]

Fear-Project Eating my Brain

The sweater ate my brain. I’ve knit about 50 rows on it without it becoming appreciably longer. It is, however, eating yarn at an alarming rate. I sat down with a pencil and calculator and figured out that there are 72,749 stitches in the pattern, and, at approximately 2500 stitches per skein, I will need […]

Hey! Where are you?

We spent the last 2 weeks outside Boston, visiting my family. John went back to California to take care of some business, and I spent my days working and going to visit my grandmother. I, of course, stupidly brought my camera with me every day, but failed to take pictures when I went, so I […]

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R.I.P.: My keyboard. And some other stuff.

My Adesso keyboard is an ergonomic split-keys keyboard with a trackpad in the middle of the board. I like it, and find it usable, but it’s the only splitty ergo keyboard with a trackpad in the middle of the board available, so I’m a bit locked in for keyboards to like. As of today, it’s […]