#RPGaDay 9-12

Oh, I missed a couple of days! Sorry about that! 9: Beyond the game, what makes an ideal session? Everyone shows up, preferably on time, and everyone contributes to the social part of the session, whether it’s bringing food/drink, setting up, cleaning up, or whatever. If it’s held at a local shop, everyone makes a […]

#RPGaDay 8: Book format

The question of the day is: Hardcover, Softcover, or Digital? If I’m going to play the game at a table, I prefer a softcover “trade” sized book (typically 6×9), like the Dungeon World book. That’s the easiest format for me to flip through and reference on the spot. If I’m reading and keeping the book […]

#RPGaDay 7: Biggest Effect on My Life

I’d have to say socially, RPGs are a huge impact in my life. I am an extrovert and would probably always make friends no matter where I go. But RPGs have brought me into contact with some of the smartest people I know, and I’m grateful for those friendships and connections. Make-believe and role-playing games […]

#RPGaDay 5: The Stories They Tell

This is still part of the “Grinding Ice” campaign, the one with Hrothgar and the unconscious Ice King, right? I mentioned that my character, Nayala, had kind of an identity problem, right? She was a shapeshifter who had originally thought she was an eladrin. (For the record: I like secret identities. I’m a superhero.) Anyway, […]