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I’ve written and released these games and RPG adventures. A lot of my “gaming content” in my blog comes in the form of narrative write-ups of RPG adventures, with notes on the mechanics involved in telling those stories, but these are actual games or game supplements for anyone to enjoy.

You can also find my game portfolio here.

You can buy my games on and drivethrurpg.

Some of the games here are part of the “14 in 2014” challenge I set for myself to get 14 games to a playtestable state in 2014. I didn’t succeed in the challenge, but I did write some weird little games in the process.

Card and Party Games

  • Kings and Queens – March 12, 2012. Bare-bones deck builder using 2 standard decks of cards.
  • Are You Sheriff Dullard? – August, 2013. A Mafia game hack with a To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar theme.

RPGs and Story Games

  • Sidhe Shed, July, 2023. A short solo journaling game about a haunted guest house. You can play in the web browser, or print-and-play in pocketmod format.
  • Exit, Pursued by a Bear – May 12, 2023. A zine of tabletop games and game resources inspired by Pablo Escobear, the original cocaine bear.
  • Girl Bryte – October, 2022, Ongoing WIP, playtest signups still available. An RPG about magical girls, using the Burn Bryte mechanics.
  • The Dark Crystal Adventure Game – contributed a location in the Silver Sea. Available at River Horse Games and on DrivethruRPG.
  • Heroic Dark settings – February 22, 2021. Two settings for the Heroic Dark system. Play a mech pilot fighting giant monsters, or a mer-person facing climate change!
  • Buzz and Fly – October 30, 2020. A Lasers and Feelings hack where you are bees in a beehive.
  • The Necronomizine – October 2, 2020. A zine of eldritch horror, featuring my Fate of Cthulhu scenario, Arachnophobia.
  • All My Circuits – September 15, 2020. A game about powering a robot using non-verbal communication. Published in the Love & Resistance charity anthology.
  • Passport – October 30, 2018. An epistolary letter-writing game between two friends. Published in the You & I anthology.
  • Can’t Sleep Clowns Will Eat Me – March 31, 2018. Wrote a system-agnostic adventure location (like a sandbox dungeon) for Trilemma Games.
  • Threadbare RPG – Spring 2018. Wrote this great little RPG about being a broken toy in a post-apocalyptic world. Available on DriveThruRPG and IPR.
  • The Name of God – December 2016. Contributed The Song.
  • Baby Bestiary vol 2. – November 2, 2016. Contributed an entry about baby pseudragons.
  • Timewatch: Book of Changing Years – July 1, 2016. Contributed an entry about the zombie apocalypse.
  • Mythics in Spaaace! – June 26, 2016.. An adventure for Mythic Mortals.
  • Mx Universe – June 20, 2016. A parlor LARP about a non-binary beauty pageant.
  • Golem’s Complex – October 16, 2015. A dungeon crawl through an automaton’s home.
  • Pony Express – Fall 2015. Third designer on a #threeforged game.
  • 20.6 Miles – Fall 2015. Second designer on a #threeforged game.
  • Sibling Rivalry (Unfinished) – Fall 2015. First designer on a #threeforged game.
  • Day of the Wehrwolf – May 14, 2015. An adventure for Night’s Black Agents.
  • Escape Pod One Launching – April 30, 2015. A short, fast RPG about racing to escape a self-destructing space station. Part of the 200-word RPG challenge, and written, playtested, and edited in 24 hours.
  • Moon Mage – April 23, 2015. A Dungeon World Compendium Class to use Epyllion’s Moon Magic for non-dragon characters.
  • Tiny Dragons/Epyllion Hack – April 23, 2015. A hack to blend the TinyDragonsRPG for solo play and Epyllion for group play.
  • Restless Holiday Palette – December, 2014. A dark Christmas-themed setting for the apocalyptic RPG Restless.
  • Investigate a Mystery – September 4, 2014. A Dungeon World and Gumshoe hack to add mystery investigation stories to your Dungeon World games.
  • Glass of Sands – April 1, 2014. An island for Inverse World which I will release here just as soon as my players are done messing with it!
  • Timewatch Adventures – February-August, 2014 (7 RPG adventures, not yet released)
  • Musketgears RPG – March 24, 2014. Steampunk role-playing game where you’re Musketeers, working against Emperor Napoleon III! French spies with an airship! Submit Playtest feedback here!
  • Night of the Barrel – February 22, 2014. Story game that fits on a beverage coaster in which you play a beer conspiring against other beers. Submit Playtest feedback here!
  • d3 Generic Universal Microgame – January 27, 2014. “Crunchy” RPG game that fits on a quarter piece of paper and uses one d3 or df. Submit Playtest feedback here!

Solo Games

  • Sidhe Shed – July 3, 2023. A tiny solo journaling game about staying in a guest house that is haunted by the Sidhe. Can be played analog or in-browser. (My first Twine game!)
  • Exploring the Kingdom – a solo walking game about identifying animals.

Other Stuff and Resources

I also wrote the 30 Days of Worldbuilding guide, which is a quick and dirty way to generate a cohesive setting for writing or playing RPGs.

And if you used the DiceStream app in Google Hangouts for rolling dice, I wrote the online help for that as well.

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