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Alladin’s temporary digs

Here’s Alladin in his temporary home-away-from-home. That arm is John, petting him. See the little plastic line coming out of his bed? That’s his IV, dripping fluids and medicine to him, 24 hours a day.


We visited again at lunch today. He had used his box recently, and had eaten this morning. While we were there, he decided to impress us by eating some more, and he polished off the food he had in his bowl, and started in on more food when they refilled it. Still didn’t drink today, though (he drank yesterday and the day before).

He is less jaundiced today than yesterday– John can’t see it and thinks Alladin’s paws are yellow from the iodine used during the biopsy (maybe, but his ears are yellowish, and I know what I’m looking at).

He was very affectionate, and even bit each of us a couple of times, just so we’d know he loves us.

We will know the results of the biopsy tomorrow.


We visited Alladin at the vet today. He was very affectionate and glad to have his bed. He ate this morning (yay!). He is jaundiced, which is not good, but may be temporary. He peed while we were there, which was great and healthy for him.

He cried a lot when we left. And loudly. My heart breaks when I think of him crying, not understanding why we’re walking away from him, leaving him in this place with the nasty smells and sounds and tape on his leg. His front paw, where the IV goes in, was all swollen today, and I mentioned it to the vet tech, because I know it means his bandage was too tight and we can have no complications with this cat, not if it’s preventable, at least! She took off the vetwrap right away, so hopefully they will be nice and loose with his bandages from here out.

I hope they stop and give him scritchies during the day (he’s right next to an exam table). I know he misses us– he kept coming back up to the front of the cage to say “more, pettins!” He also bumped up to give me lots and lots of kissies while we were there.

I can’t wait to have him home. I don’t know when that will be– could be as early as this weekend, or it could be later than that. I want to set him up in the living room on a bed next to my desk– when he was home on Monday, he spent as much time as possible glued to me, and I’ll be happiest if he’s so close he nips at my elbow while I’m typing.


Alladin’s lab work on Monday AM indicated liver failure. We brought him home last night with a sub-cutaneous fluid bag and some pills (antibiotic and something for liver health). He spent all night and this morning glued to my side– he is a cuddly cat, but normally he takes you on his terms. Last night, he was definitely eager to be next to us at all times.

Today, we drove an hour (each way) to get him an ultrasound, because the ultrasound vet travels to various vet practices in the area, and wouldn’t be back up here until July. The results were that Alladin has an enlarged gall bladder and liver– consistent with one of three liver diseases. I cannot pronounce them, so I’ll summarize:

1) Liver is sick, but with meds and fluids and food, Alladin has an 80% chance of full recovery and a normal life.

2) Liver is sick, but with meds and fluids and food, Alladin has about an 80% change to recover, but be on management medications for the rest of his otherwise normal life.

3) Liver is sick with lymphoma. Even with chemotherapy, Alladin’s chances of mere survival (not to even discuss quality of life) are poor to grave. We would make him comfortable until the end, but would not put him through chemo treatments.

Everyone, please root for #1.

After the 1st ultrasound, they did a guided biopsy to diagnose if it’s 1, 2, or 3. We will get the results Friday. Meanwhile, we will treat him as if he has #1, because treatment for that can take several weeks and might as well start him ASAP. Treatment requires IVs, so he is back at the animal hospital tonight through Friday, when we hope to have the biopsy results back, at which time we’ll start looking at our real options.

Again. Root for #1, please.

John and I were there for all 3 ultrasounds and the biopsy, and held Alladin through the whole thing. He is such a fighter, I really hope he has something he can beat. We brought him back up to Warrensburg to the animal hospital, and I returned an hour later with his meds from home so they could give them to him on schedule. While dropping off the meds, I talked to the doctor and visited Alladin. He was awake and wanted to go home. I mentioned to the vet nurse that he likes to chew on strings, and told her to watch out for the IV line, because my bet is that he will go after it during the night. It’s just a hunch, but given how he was behaving, and how well I know my cat… well, he’ll probably have an elizabeth collar on tomorrow when we go visit him.

That’s the news, folks. I’m trying to be strong for my baby-cat and make the right decisions for him.

Cat Home

Alladin is home.

He has liver failure.

We don’t know why.

This is not a haiku.

It’s a broken heart.

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