Adirondacks and New Jersey

We’re here in the Adirondacks, in upstate New York, near Warrensburg, with limited Internet and cell phone reception. This is part of the band of greenery that stretches across the northern states– the same terrain and pine trees you see in Wisconsin, Michigan, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Also, very similar bugs. Mostly mosquitoes. We have discovered that the mosquitoes can get into the RV through some vent or something, and they do so in the evening, which is kind of not cool. Knowing me, I will have 30 mosquito bites by the time the week is out.

Our plans have changed somewhat. Previously, I’d wanted to spend the whole summer flitting over Montreal and Quebec, then down into Maine before heading southward for the winter. Now, we may curtail those plans and take a weekend trip to Montreal, then spend some time in Niagara Falls before heading south and west for the winter. We will be flying out to Portland, Oregon for my birthday and a friend’s wedding, so we’ll need to finalize our plans before then. Part of the complications are that my grandmother is, frankly, not long for this world, and I would like to be able to attend her funeral.

The cat is now so finicky he will only eat baby food, but at least he ate his breakfast of puree’d turkey. This is temporary; there are vitamins cats need to have, and which are not present in baby food, so he must wean back to cat food soon. I’m just starting to worry because, even though he acts perfectly fine, I can feel his bones and I don’t like it one bit. Tomorrow, I will make an appointment for him to see a vet. He’s due for his shots anyway.

Before we left New Jersey/Philadelphia, we stopped at the Battleship New Jersey, which has been retired to Camden, NJ. We went on a tour focusing on the guns, and had a great time, and learned a lot. Some of what we learned was family history; John’s father served on the New Jersey, and John himself went on a “tiger cruise” down the West Coast when he was a teenager.


One of the things I found really cool about the New Jersey was the fancywork, which is all over the ship. This is specialized knotwork which was passed down from shipman to shipman, and which could not be demanded of the crew– it could only be requested or offered. A ship with no fancywork is a ship with an unhappy crew.



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  1. RE: Aladin.

    Greetings, Dave here. Sorry to hear about Aladin’s kitty anorexia. When Sera and I were having similar problems with Paichan we found that by sprinkling a little bit of nutritional yeast over her wet food she becames a lot more interested in eating. Most cats go absolutely batty for the nutritional yeast, in fact we have to keep ours in a mason jar to stop the cats from getting to it!

    I’m not sure where you’d find nutritional yeast in your neck of the woods, but here in Santa Cruz it is sold at New Leaf in the bulk foods section.

    Anyway, I hope Aladin gets better soon, good luck at the vet!


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