I don’t discuss my job in my blog

As anyone who reads my blog long enough knows, I do not discuss employers or clients in my blog. This is professional courtesy, as working relationships can sometimes become stressful or contentious, even in the course of a good, productive working relationship. What’s more, most of the time my work is anonymous. People do not […]


Occupational hazard: I was bit by an animal today. It’s my “moonlighting” job– I’m a pet-sitter/dog-walker (no, it was not a dog who bit me). I’d say it was my fault, but it really wasn’t. It was kind of a miscommunication between two really stupid animals, one of them being me.


Wired News ran this article today: The Right to Bear SLRs: Ever been hassled by security when taking pictures? You may be well within your rights. Photographer Thomas Hawk’s trying to raise awareness about public photography, one snapshot at a time. By Evan Ratliff from Wired Test. And, by coincidence, I’m going to a luncheon […]