User Interface at the gas pump

» Pump you up Philly Today “I got a little frustrated at the gas pump the other day. And believe it or not, it had nothing to do with the $4 per gallon price tag….” Haven’t we all had this experience, once in a while? At the gas pump. At the grocery checkout aisle. I […]


the fluffy chair.JPG Originally uploaded by pjkproductions Ever look at the crappy, scratchy carpeting on your office chair and long for something more… pimptastic? My friend Paul and his beautiful wife Rachel have caught the crafty bug. Here, Paul has reupholstered his chair in fluffy faux fur– fleece on the back, and orange leopard print […]


Hate Tom Cruise. It’s like poetry, but with hating on Tom Cruise. Lifehacker: Where to find Public Records; for all the stalkers on your Christmas card list. Traveling Stories Magazine. A handy and fun blog of stories relating to travel. Most of these stories have some kind of point to them, which is why I […]