A new harness

Last night, I made a cat harness for my big boy, Alladin. We’ve been training Alladin, and are about to start on the leash-walking. Unfortunately, this requires a harness and leash. Doubly unfortunately, nearly every cat harness I’ve seen is too small.

Make your gifts more “green”

From LifeHacker: Make your gifts more “green”: Re-gifting is a good way to “go green,” as long as you’re not re-gifting something awful that the recipient won’t like, of course. For kids, buy a family membership to the nearest zoo or science museum, so they can go anytime their parents will take them. It’s activity-based, […]

Water Plants

(This is a note-to-self) My aquariums currently have in them: Eustradis stellata Hygrophila sp. “ceylon” Banana lilly Duckweed Water Sprite Java moss Java fern Guppy grass Amazon sword 2 or three other unidentified plants.