Carnivals du Jour

This week’s edition of the Home Business Carnival, Customer Service Do’s and Don’ts, features my post about my experiences with customer service. One of my favorite posts in that carnival this week comes from Debra Moorhead’s 9 Business Faux Pas. What’s great is that she increases her list by adding 5 major email faux-pas as […]

January 2007: Book Reviews

This is an archive of my shorter book reviews and notes, which historically have been posted over at the 50 Book Challenge on LiveJournal, but which I’m starting to move over here. I’m posting them with altered date-stamps, but they might show up in my LiveJournal cross-post anyway.

Speedlinks du jour

In blog/vlog news: BBC NEWS | Business | YouTubers to get ad money share Finally! YouTube members have a chance at seeing some of the millions of dollars that everyone else is making off of their content! Sadly, it’s just advertising shares. I’m beginning to hate the ad model for online business…. » Blog […]

Speedlinks du jour: Consumerism and DIY

Affluenza: Rampant consumerism erodes us – Yahoo! News Wil Shetterly expounds on the religious ramifications of screwing poor people, and what Congress isn’t doing about it (but hopefully will). The result of Shetterly’s post reminds me to go check out some of the microloans seeking sponsorship over at One-to-one microloans for as little as […]