Hey, Mom! Look at what I can do! That would be the cuffs of 1 pair of socks (2 socks). Knit on 1 set of needles. With 1 sock inside of the other. Like in Anna Karenina, where she pulls one sock out of the other when she’s finished with the pair. Yeah, it’s like […]

Shirts, Shops, and Shouts

The T-Shirts are Coming! The shirts are at the printers, getting the artwork tweaked a little bit, and turning into awesome T-shirty goodness! They will be available hopefully by the end of next week, in Youth S-M-L, Adult S-M-L-XL and Adult Plus 2XL-3XL. I’m trying to keep them as affordable as possible so everyone can […]

G1 Phone User Guide

Someday I will write Online help system in haiku. No one will read it. John and I got G1 phones (the Google phone). They’re pretty cool, and hidden in the user manual, in the “Caring for your Phone” section, are little bits of poetic language, just waiting there as gems for the people who actually […]

Long-time Finishing

This blanket took me almost 2 years to finish. It’s not even very big, but after I had knit 22 squares, I just lost interest in it– in the yarn, in the project as a whole, etc. Fortunately, it still matches the interior colors of the motorhome, so finishing it did give me a nice, […]

T-shirts, Voting, and Shouts

All Quiet on the Store Front… for now! It’s pretty quiet here in Handknit Heroes Central. We’re working away on getting a better web store running. Marc’s taking a little time to work on a personal project. And I’m focusing on our marketing and upcoming events schedule, trying to make sure I don’t cause myself […]