T-shirts, Voting, and Shouts

All Quiet on the Store Front… for now!

It’s pretty quiet here in Handknit Heroes Central. We’re working away on getting a better web store running. Marc’s taking a little time to work on a personal project. And I’m focusing on our marketing and upcoming events schedule, trying to make sure I don’t cause myself to collapse entirely in October, when the 2 shows in the UK are followed by Rhinebeck and Stitches East…. the temptation to go to both of those on my way back from England is very, very high.

New Shops

We’ve added 2 new shops this week– Yarn Over in the UK, a brand new shop in East Sussex (opening March 31), and Fancy Tiger in Denver, Colorado!

T-Shirts are Coming!

Marc, the shipping team, and I have worked out the kinks in offering T-shirts. In the next week or 2, we’ll be carrying T-shirts with the cute 1-frame artwork with Sue and Ana:


Now, I’d like to to pick a great color for these shirts, and I’d love your opinions! Click here to vote for a t-shirt color (http://www.demochoice.org/dcballot.php?poll=Hkhshirts)! I’m not considering black, because very dark colors add a lot to the printing costs. We will offer black t-shirts some day, but not in this first, limited edition shirt run.

Shout outs

A quick shout-out from BenSparks!