What I’ve been doing

Last week, we went to Davis, California. I finished editing the comic book and sent it to the printer (and then today I re-sent it because of typos. More typos). I pretty much had my head buried in the computer during the comic book work, but Thursday I took some time away and went to […]

Paperless: Fail

I signed up for paperless billing on my T-Mobile account: Fail. In unrelated news: My web hosting company decided to move all my servers at 2 AM yesterday morning, completely breaking every server I had, including email (which bounced), web services, everything. And they notified me…. by email. At 2 AM on Easter Sunday. And […]

I’m a Tolstoy Novel!

Here I am, ready to graft the almost-done socks…. Notice the poor, bare feet– in dire need of socks! I went with a strategy of separating the stitches, but not separating the socks before grafting. I grafted the inside sock first, then the outside sock: When done, it looked a lot like I had completed […]

Pre-order your T-Shirt Today

T-Shirts! I mentioned previously that the t-shirts were being ordered. They are at the printers right now, in Iowa, busily being turned into awesome t-shirts, but you can pre-order them in our brand new online store! Please note: the store is brand spanking new, so if you stumble on a bug or have trouble checking […]