Shirts, Shops, and Shouts

The T-Shirts are Coming!

The shirts are at the printers, getting the artwork tweaked a little bit, and turning into awesome T-shirty goodness! They will be available hopefully by the end of next week, in Youth S-M-L, Adult S-M-L-XL and Adult Plus 2XL-3XL. I’m trying to keep them as affordable as possible so everyone can enjoy them. I’m also setting up a very basic web cart to handle shirt orders and other goodies. After a grueling democratic process, the color has been chosen: white!

I’m actually quite pleased with this selection, because I think the shirts will look terrific on a white background, and white is gender-neutral, so our male readers will be able to enjoy them, too. The shirts are standard fit and 100% cotton. This is our first run stocking shirts; we’ll carry more if there’s enough interest in them.

What? Another Shop Visit?

May is going to be a very busy month! In addition to the shop visit at KnitWitz in Stockton on May 1, while I’m in Portland on May 12, I’m heading over to KnitPurl for a shop visit and talk! Both visits are just after Issue #2 comes out, so I know we’ll all have plenty to talk about! If you’re local or in the area, come by the shops for the meet and greet and signing; I’d love to met you!

More Shops Added!

We added more shops this week, including Fancy Tiger in Denver, Colorado, and Woolly Notions, opening soon in Graeagle, California– good luck with the new venture!

As always, check the Shop Locator if you’re looking for the comic and don’t know where to find it! We’re up to 38 shops worldwide now– very exciting!

How’s it All Going?

I get this question a surprising amount (almost as often as I get “where are you?” but that’s another story).

Right now, a lot of Issue #2 is out of my hands. Marc’s working on the artwork. The designer is working on the design. My creative contribution, the writing, is done, so I doodle with new designs of my own, work on personal and side projects (I still have something of a day job, after all), and knit on various “stuff.” The past couple of weeks, I’ve picked up a crochet hook again for the first time in a long time, and in an evening of fooling around, I crocheted this little goodie:


Isn’t that fun? I’ll be writing up the pattern as some freeform crochet and knit instructions for Maker Faire in San Francisco, and to be available on the website in May. I’m hoping handknit mask-wearing takes off big time, and we all go around making masks for ourselves. Practical, too: if you have insomnia, you could turn it into a cute sleeping mask by knitting over the eye holes.

Shout Outs

In my quest to find the shout outs and mentions this week, I pulled up my server logs– you all have been busy, I must say!

Morningbear shows the secret behind my method for handline subscriptions that start on Issue #2.

I put a few comics in the hands of local yarn shop owners who attended the Yarn Market News conference earlier this month.

Purl Girl Knits picked up her copy of Handknit Heroes at Stitches! It was great to meet you, too!

Bonjour á nos amis de Quebec! Je suis trés heureuse de faire votre connaissances. Je parle français (plus où moins), si vous avez des questions, n’hesitez pas a demander.

Craft Sanity got a copy of HKH in her Phat Fiber box!