RV Jail

We are here, in beautiful Anthony, Texas. In a parking lot. OK, it’s a glorified parking lot– we have hookups, after all. But our rig spent 2 days at the local Camping World service center getting a few repairs done, and it’s probably going to be back in the shop all next week. With two […]


This is the first sock in a pair. It’s “promised knitting,” where you promise something to someone and eventually, you really ought to make good on your promises. In this case, it’s a sock I’m happy to knit. The woman receiving this pair of socks loves bright colors but for various reasons hasn’t been permitted […]

Star Trek: The Movie

Apparently, there’s a new Star Trek movie coming out in May. John and I saw the trailer yesterday during The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Yes, we almost skipped right past it and had to rewind the DVR. Anyway, it looks like a nod to the old Trek with some modern mores going on. Should be entertaining, […]