“I didn’t ask for your help.”

Ask any person with a disability, and they will probably agree that this is one of their favorite sentences, and it’s one of the most powerful ones you can employ. “I didn’t ask for your help” is a great sentence. It establishes and reinforces your boundaries. It encourages you to try something for yourself. It […]

Whoa. A NaNo08 excerpt.

35,000 words into my NaNo novel, and I finally get something worth reading! Holy crap! Here it is, unedited in its raw form, and all its errors and mistakes. Do not correct, chastise, or otherwise make suggestions. Words of praise are appreciated, but otherwise, this is just more work in the progress: Imagine some person, […]

Sock-in-training: 1st one complete

This is the finished sock I’ve been knitting on. I was almost done with it yesterday, then frogged back to the foot because the ribbing I was doing on the cuffs made the cuff pull in far too tight, and I knew from measuring it that it would slide down Andrea’s ankle.

RV Jail

We are here, in beautiful Anthony, Texas. In a parking lot. OK, it’s a glorified parking lot– we have hookups, after all. But our rig spent 2 days at the local Camping World service center getting a few repairs done, and it’s probably going to be back in the shop all next week. With two […]