This is the first sock in a pair. It’s “promised knitting,” where you promise something to someone and eventually, you really ought to make good on your promises. In this case, it’s a sock I’m happy to knit. The woman receiving this pair of socks loves bright colors but for various reasons hasn’t been permitted to surround herself with all the beautiful, rich purples and blues and greens she would like. While it’s hard to see in the picture, these are bright, bold, vibrant colors, offset by a nice, deep black. They will fit her tiny feet, and hopefully, they will make her smile when she wears them. They’re pretty and warm and machine washable.

I’m knitting them toe-up, just for fun, and using Fibonacci stripe sequence. Also… for fun. 🙂

Photo 32.jpg

Heck. I might even finish them in time for Chanukah.