I visited Spud last month in St. Louis, and was confounded because I am really bad at remembering babies’ names, and I had to be reminded what the new baby’s name was (I had to be reminded of the Spudlet’s name, too, and of Reannon’s Kiddo’s name, but both are called Spudlet and Kiddo, respectively, […]

My NaNoWriMo Comic

I forgot to add this to the last one, and I’ll make it its own post, because I don’t know, I feel like it. Making up for not posting much in the month of November, I guess. It’s a comic strip I made for my Johnny Theremin novel-in-progress. I wrote/drew it in the first half […]


At 50,104 words, my NaNo novel is not really finished, but it is 50,000 words, and I did wrap up the primary storyline. There’s an escape sequence I should add in if I want the story to finish with satisfaction. But as it stands, the main conflicts are resolved, just not satisfactorily. I wrote a […]