At 50,104 words, my NaNo novel is not really finished, but it is 50,000 words, and I did wrap up the primary storyline. There’s an escape sequence I should add in if I want the story to finish with satisfaction. But as it stands, the main conflicts are resolved, just not satisfactorily.

I wrote a Johnny Theremin novel, but somewhere around Chapter 4, I started deviating from the script. By the time I finished (with 33 chapters), I was so far beyond the original outline, and flying like a fat man on a sleigh. I had a great time, really enjoyed my characters, and will, of course, do this again next year.

Also, stay tuned for the Big, Fun, Scary Adventure. 2007 was the inaugural year, in which Chris Baty challenged everyone to do something Big, Fun, and Scary in their lives. Even though I didn’t formally sign up at the time, I think we can all agree that I’ve embarked on a Big Fun Scary Adventure this year. 😉 And so, I will sign up for next year, to do something big, fun, and scary– something I haven’t done before, something I’ve always wanted to do. I just haven’t decided what that thing will be. I’m taking nominations, though. It’s got to be something I’m not already doing. My sister said “Travel,” but I think that’s already in the cards, so we’ll set that one aside for the moment and say “yes, and…?”

And yes, I realize the thing I really *should* do is: more walking and lose weight. But it’s soooo cliché!