My NaNoWriMo Comic

I forgot to add this to the last one, and I’ll make it its own post, because I don’t know, I feel like it. Making up for not posting much in the month of November, I guess.

It’s a comic strip I made for my Johnny Theremin novel-in-progress. I wrote/drew it in the first half of the month, and therefore it has little bearing to what I ended up writing, but it was fun. Plus, you can see my mad cartooning skillz, which are just, wow. Really, wow. You will be amazed that a 32 year old who is capable of knitting lace can still draw worse than a six year old with a box of crayons. Seriously.

1 thought on “My NaNoWriMo Comic

  1. Ah, so we have the beginnings of a graphic novel … er, I mean … a graphic fantasy novel. You should print out your comic strip and bring it to the TGIO party tomorrow. It would go over well, methinks.

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