I visited Spud last month in St. Louis, and was confounded because I am really bad at remembering babies’ names, and I had to be reminded what the new baby’s name was (I had to be reminded of the Spudlet’s name, too, and of Reannon’s Kiddo’s name, but both are called Spudlet and Kiddo, respectively, online most of the time, so I have an excuse, however thin). When told the baby’s name, I felt fuzzy-headed and thought “did I confuse Spud and Kr8vcat?” See, they both had babies around the same time (hey, guys, sorry– if you have them within 6 months, it’s “around the same time” to me!) and I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to miniature humans. Then, today, when finally catching up on the blog posts I’ve missed in the last month, awareness arrived.

They gave their sons the same name.

So, I have posts showing up in my RSS reader that are about two “Chase”‘s who are both in the same general zone, developmentally. Today I read about Chase charming people, and about Chase scooting around the house, and the posts weren’t from the same blogs!

So really, folks. I need one of you to rename your kid. Something like “Run” would be fine. Then we would have Run and Chase, and I could remember the childrens’ names, and everything would be terrific.

Barring a baby rename (which I will admit might be extreme), I will henceforth call all male babies born in 2007 “Chase.” Hey, in another six months or so, that’s all you guys are going to be doing with the baby anyway– chasing him around the house while he gets into stuff!

[Really, I love you both and am really glad I figured this out before I had another stupid moment, this time over Kr8vkat’s baby.]

Mercy, please. I cry uncle. Or auntie, as the case may require.

Edit to add: A chat with my brother-in-law reminds me that, while “Run” is not generally accepted as a baby name, “Dash” (Dashiell) is. So “Dash” would be an acceptable rename, as well. Or you could just let me fuddle along in confusion, as you will. 😉

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  1. And now I arrive to tell “Uncle” Mortaine that I too have a Chase. My grandson was not born in 2007, you will be happy to know, but will be in college in a couple of years. If I had remembered during our TGIO party, I would have shown you his photo, along with those of my other six grandchildren. Lucky you, however, that you won’t be required to know all seven names when you visit Chattanooga next time.

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