Magical Girl Anime Hair Transformation

Over the weekend, I finally achieved a hair color I’d been trying to get for over a month. My natural hair color is a dark brown. It is a perfectly fine color. I don’t hate it, or really anything about my hair and face, which is saying something about my comfort levels as a woman […]

2 New Game Hacks

Last week, I stealthily released two new game hacks for Epyllion! The Moon Mage, a compendium class for Dungeon World to let you play using Epyllion’s Moon Magic. I made this for a possible CC to be used in our Sunday night Dungeon World game. My hack that brings Epyllion and Tiny Dragons RPG together. […]

Monster of the Week: Anime Style!

You are all students at the Sakura Girls’ Academy, a haunted boarding school in the Japanese countryside…. Thus began last night’s one-shot of Monster of the Week for my niece, her two best friends, and my sister. It was an all-girl game, all-fun, and I think I lost my hearing in the upper frequencies (worth […]

Catching up with family

This week is pretty crazy. Last week, I had a race-to-the-finish for the Dracula Dossier scenario I’ve been writing. The deadline was long overdue, but I was trying to wrap it up before the 1st. I… didn’t quite make it, and then my niece came into town for a visit. I probably could have finished up […]