2 New Game Hacks

Last week, I stealthily released two new game hacks for Epyllion!

The Moon Mage, a compendium class for Dungeon World to let you play using Epyllion’s Moon Magic. I made this for a possible CC to be used in our Sunday night Dungeon World game.

My hack that brings Epyllion and Tiny Dragons RPG together.

Speaking of Epyllion, you might not know the Kickstarter is now live, through Sunday, May 3rd, and that my Encyclopedia Draconica entry about draconic rites of passage funded within hours! That’s exciting to me, since it means I’m definitely on deck for creating something for this awesome game!

There are still some amazing stretch goals being announced here in the final week, so if you haven’t backed the project yet, you should definitely take a look. The Friendship Gem mechanic is one of the more creative "fan mail" style game mechanics I’ve ever seen.