13th Age: My First Session

I played 13th Age this weekend in an online game a friend of mine ran. He’s learning the system and, more importantly, working on his pacing in preparation for running games at GenCon. I’ve played with this DM in the past, so we have a lot of DM-player trust built up, which is very important […]

D&D Encounters, Session Two

Technically, Wednesday’s game was the second session of Encounters, since we ran Launch Day on Saturday. We had a good group of players, including about 5 new folks, though most of the newbies had played D&D or D&D Next before. My table had a cleric, a barbarian, a rogue, a druid, and a monk. They started […]

Ankylosaurus #1

I’m knitting some dinosaurs as bribes for my weekly D&D players. These are the guys who have put up with my well-meaning plot-destruction for 2 years. I promised a handknit dinosaur to any of them who come to Gencon and celebrate my 40th birthday with me there. Independently, they all expressed that their favorite dinosaur […]