Dead in Thay: Weeks 6-7

Last week, our Dead in Thay campaign reached a new threshold: three tables and DMs! Josh, one of our players from Day 1, stepped up as DM and did a great job! Josh’s table went into the Master’s Domain, which is an excellent place to muck around, poking at very dangerous intelligent creatures. Mike’s table […]

Trust in Gaming, Part 2: Trust as a GM

Part One of the Trust in Gaming series can be found here. As a GM, you have to trust your system, your players, and yourself, but if you can’t do that, you at least need to trust your players– and they need to be trustworthy. If they’re not, then you rely on the system and yourself. […]

Dead in Thay: Week 5

After the party had rested and leveled up to 7th level, they hit the Predator Pools sector, first encountering a pair of sea trolls (scrags) which a well-timed fireball and a lot of punching took care of. They spent about 10 minutes, carefully disguising themselves as a Red Wizard/Dread Warrior patrol with some prisoners (the gnome and halfling). Their […]

Dead in Thay: Session 4

We had our first genuine player character death last night at Dead in Thay, and I would have been disappointed if it didn’t happen. This week was “Room 10.” In the Dead in Thay megadungeon, Room 10 should be known as a killer. The party is 6th level, and they open a door and there’s a lich and […]