11/1 – 11/15: 52,208 words

I finished There Was No Second Date on Friday, weighing in at 52,208 words. On the NaNoWriMo validator, it shows up as a lot less, but I blame the email headers in the Interludes. Anyway, here is a lively excerpt from the book, for your enjoyment.  

The Wild Side Gets New Paint

The Wild Side docked at a nearby space station and, almost immediately upon arrival, as soon as the cargo door had shut, explosions on the other side of the docking bay rocked the station and our ship! Boost, Axel, and Ashleigh were still on board. Ashleigh was unconscious, and Boost and Axel were waiting for us […]

More Crew for the Wild Side

The Wild Side continued its adventures last week, with the appearance of Grace and Axel. Grace is a conflict-averse engineer who was sold to our pilot from her position as a slave on one of the cartel ships. Axel came unwillingly when Captain Judson won his grandfather’s watch in a bet, and Axel came along to earn it […]

Halfway Mark

My mom likes to tell this story as an example of what it was like to parent me. We had this tradition where my parents would buy a bunch of toys, wrap them up, and give them to us every couple of hours during road trips, so we wouldn’t be utterly bored out of our […]