Explosions and Escapes

On Thursday, my gaming group got together for a Very Special Episode of gaming. We played Explosions and Escapes, a quick-and-dirty RPG for playing action heroes. Very quickly in the game, I looked down and saw “the top” was waaaaay below us. The game devolved quickly into some silliness, as our sidekick (played by LeeAnn) […]

A New Fate

My friend and gaming buddy Justin has been in town the past 2 weeks, and he, Mike, and I got together for some gaming to take home. Basically, we did character/setting creation for an online Fate game. Setting is “New London,” a fictionalized steampunk London, England. We went pretty generic, here, with automatons and that’s […]

Two Tails…. Er… I mean Tales.

Lt. Gwenn’s journal “Well, a prehensile tail can be quite… fetching, Gwenn.” I swear, I don’t know what made me blush about that– her words, the image in my mind of Marco’s tail, or the thing she said about lockpicking. I do not think she was talking about actual locks. In any case, the conversation […]

For Years of Sweater Knitting

  Pun intentional. This week, I finished a project that was 4 years in the making: This is John’s handknit sweater, made with Wensleydale Longwool, a long-staple wool I bought in England in 2009. I started knitting at the end of October that year, and knitted on the drive down to Las Vegas when we moved […]