More Crew for the Wild Side

The Wild Side continued its adventures last week, with the appearance of Grace and Axel. Grace is a conflict-averse engineer who was sold to our pilot from her position as a slave on one of the cartel ships. Axel came unwillingly when Captain Judson won his grandfather’s watch in a bet, and Axel came along to earn it back.

There was a scuffle when the galactics decided to board the Wild Side with trumped-up charges against Boost. Something about a photograph on the net implying he’d kidnapped and manhandled Ashleigh. Doctor Juels got it sorted out for us with a quick call to Ashleigh’s father, and we reminded the galactics that, without a warrant, we weren’t going to show them anything in the cargo hold, thanks.

We ran into some trouble further out-system when we encountered a barricade before reaching SS-0. Apparently, the Catholic consortium has formed a labor strike against the new slingshot station, and we’re unable to get through. We docked at a nearby space station for refueling and so Boost could complete a transaction.