Convertible Mittens!

Amid all the other things I’m doing this winter, I finished a pair of convertible mittens for my friend and housemate, Suzanne. The pattern is the Line by Line Mittens to Gloves pattern, by Knit Picks. The yarn is Louet Gems Sport (brown and teal) and a little bit of Shibui Knits Sock that I […]

Krampus in Dungeon World, Part 1

Last night, my Thursday night group got together for A Very Holiday Dungeon World Special. It’s a one-shot adventure (really 2-shot…. we started super late, plus there was the fire), which I wrote as an homage to holiday adventures. We started with character creation and bonds. Our characters for the evening: Alanna – a female […]

Running out of the 40’s

I posted about this on Facebook this week, but basically, the 2013 “My Year in Temperatures” scarf, which I have been diligently working on for 11 months, has ground to a screeching halt. The color I use for the “41-50” range, Dale of Norway Lerke in “Petro” or “Petrol” (I remember it as “Petra,” but […]

Achievemint: Linking APIs for Fitness and Profit

  Back in April, when I started this whole “hey, maybe I shouldn’t die” kick (again), I joined a site called Achievemint, which connects to your various apps and websites, tracks your health-and-wellness activities, and awards you points. Points which, once you accumulate enough of them, translate into a modest little check ($25). $25 is […]