Life in Las Vegas

John and I were talking last night about public transportation and Las Vegas. In case you don’t know, Las Vegas’ Monorail just declared bankruptcy. No interruption in service, but I’m sure it won’t make potential investors very confident. Already stations have closed. John: Casinos don’t really want an easy way for people to leave their […]

RVs and Cultural Restrictions

It’s becoming more and more common for RV parks to ask us the year//make/model of our rig before accepting our reservation. A large (and growing) number of parks have a “10 year restriction” on RVs, meaning they won’t permit you to camp there if your rig is over 10 years old. This is, of course, […]

Knitterly goodness and trip photos

I have few/no photos of knitty things from my trip because of the camera breakage, but I’ll show you what I took photos of anyway. This is reason #1 why I won’t fly Air Canada again: That’s my vinyl sign, looking for all the world like an airplane ran it over. I discovered this after […]

Tell me about your town/college

John and I are scouting around for a place to spend an extended period of time. So, tell me about where you live! Do you like your town? Do you dislike it? What does it have going for it? What’s the job outlook in high tech and/or higher education? Are there colleges nearby? Is there […]