Some Fate

This adventure was played over a series of sessions. Mostly online, but one in person. At tea, Abigail and Sally got around to talking, in a roundabout way, of their Limitors. These are devices, installed in every automaton, which enforce a primitive version of the laws of robotics which, in essence, prevent automatons from harming humans. […]

Crone Kickstarter: I’m a Stretch Goal!

Over on the Crone Kickstarter, the project is now fully funded and starting to hit some stretch goals. It’s currently just over $2,500 in funding. Personally, I hope it raises another $7K. Why? Because look at the stretch goal for $9,250: $9,250 Legend by Stephanie Bryant - “A comet heralds an otherworldly visitor. Is it an angel, […]

TimeWatch: Sarah Connor Edition

I ran TimeWatch yesterday afternoon online. It’s a game I scheduled a few weeks ago, and I’ve had a lot of interest– not just because I accidentally sent the Google Hangouts invite to everyone I know on Google+ (about 270 people… oops). Note: It’s still possible to pre-order Timewatch and get the beta rules right […]

Game Designer Meetup and Playtest

On Monday, I was late to the Board Game Designer Meetup (it’s every 2 weeks) because I stopped in and visited a friend who opened a game shop this week. They’re still in their “soft open,” with the grand opening scheduled for April 5th, which is also International Tabletop Day. I’ve volunteered to run games […]

Dungeon World – Ladies Night

Yesterday, my Five Shores game was cut short due to lack of player attendance, and so I had the great pleasure of joining The Jessa Channel‘s all-female Dungeon World one-shot (which may be turning into more of a campaign). I was the most experienced player, both in terms of RPGs and Dungeon World, so I […]