Running out of the 40’s

I posted about this on Facebook this week, but basically, the 2013 “My Year in Temperatures” scarf, which I have been diligently working on for 11 months, has ground to a screeching halt.

The color I use for the “41-50” range, Dale of Norway Lerke in “Petro” or “Petrol” (I remember it as “Petra,” but I may be forgetful on that one) is running out.

It is a nearly impossible color to match. It’s a blended yarn, which is a kind of blue-slate shade, with undertones of purple and teal. Seriously–I have tried to match this yarn in the past, and it doesn’t even photograph well (as you can see by the photo below, which makes it look teal, despite being photographed under an Ott light.

I’m exploring some substitutes, including a shade of brighter teal that I got from a friend yesterday. Another option is to cave and buy a skein of this yarn for $13 ($8.75 plus  S&H). I have found one skein on Ravelry available for $5, but no idea when the person who has it posted will be online or look at Rav or answer messages, or be able to ship.

So. That project has ground to a screeching halt while I figure this out.

Meanwhile, I have started the knitting-on of the edging for my red “Joe’s Garden” shawl… a project I have had on the needles, but mostly hibernating, for the past 4+ years.

This, by the way, is why I don’t knit for money or under any kind of deadline. I never know when I’ll burn out on a project or technique and have to quit for a decade or so.