The Paperless Lifestyle Part 1 – JohnnyB

One of the things that we decided before moving into the RV was to go completely “paperless” with regards to bank statements, bills, receipts, and all manner of paper clutter. For most bills it was easy as we have been using a bill-pay service for the last 10 years., previously known as Status Factory, […]

Good News! I’m unemployed!

For the self-employed, one is never technically “unemployed,” one just has varying degrees of availability. As of this Friday, my availability goes way up. Last week, my largest client informed me that they don’t have enough work to keep me on for the time being. Therefore, I am looking for another writing contract. If you […]

RV Maintenance 2 – JohnnyB

So our refrigerator has been shutting itself off randomly so getting it repaired was a major priority. I found a repair shop nearby and we took the RV there yesterday. It’s inside an RV resort called “The Great Outdoors” or “TGO” for short. While the refer was being worked on, we toured the resort. It […]

More tatting!

Yes, I am like a binge crafter, I know! First, I decided to do an extended tatted piece. This is a simple traditional edging, worked from the ball (every tatter recognizes this piece– it’s the one they all do). This is needle tatted in size 8 cotton thread, color is peach (same as the previous […]

RV Maintenance – JohnnyB

Ok, so the RV requires a bit more maintenance than I am willing to admit. Today [hopefully] the Mobile RV Repair guy is coming by to fix a couple not-serious-yet leaks, mount our LCD TV wall bracket, and some other tasks. Now, I’m a moderately handy guy but I do not yet fully understand the […]