Fiber arts fun

I’m going to put the “rest of life” post in another category. I’ve been doing a lot of tatting and knitting, mainly because I am stressed out about other things and these little projects make me happy and give me the satisfaction of completion. But first, a picture of Alladin earlier today, while we were […]

Tatting, knitting, etc.

I’m knitting a sweater from Big Girl Knits called “Bombshell.” It’s a top-down, raglan sleeves (possibly no seams– I have to check), with lots of shaping and short rows to accommodate chests, hips, stomachs, etc. It’s coming along nicely, but I worry it may end up being too big, or I might run out of […]

Tatting motif #9

(#10 was the doily from Costa Rica, posted earlier today. Chronologically, it’s #10, I just didn’t have time to post this before we left.) I picked this little bouquet of violets for my initial contribution to the Tatting Round Robin because I like African violets (my dad raised them, though I don’t know if he […]

#8: Another choker

This tatted choker is for ME! Same basic idea as the black one I made last week, but in light blue. It’s pretty, but as it turns out, it might be about one half of an inch too big.