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D&D Encounters Launch Day

I ran the D&D Encounters Launch Day on Saturday, which was my first time back to Encounters in about a year, and my first time GMing D&D Next. I was not really looking forward to it, to be honest. My experiences the previous week had me feeling that I would get to the game and be […]

DnD Encounters – Session 5

Celebrating over pancakes at the Golden Grain inn, the proprietor Bertram called for a party in our honor! Hooray! With drinking, and fighting, and gambling. Rhabi and Wulfric joined Pixi and me, and introduced us to a rather scary looking lass named Roth. Grey skin, deadpan delivery– I think she’s some kind of mage. Wulfric, […]

D&D Encounters – Session 4

Well… we started out in town. My goblin’s companions this week were an elderly woman named Boushka, a warrior named Quynn, and a pixie sorcerer named Pixi. I sold my bucket to Boushka for 2 gp and a hot meal. Sold my “sled” to the owner of the pawn shop, Neera, who has two drakes. […]

D&D Encounters Session 3

So…. Peter, Chris (usually a DM), and I all played goblins in last night’s game. Gordon played a werewolf berzerker (Wulfig?), and Bryce played an elf archer (but not a ranger!) named Brandis. We decided we’re all from the same tribe, even though I’m trying to leave it. The tribe headed by the mysterious figure […]

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