D&D Encounters: Session 6, The Lawbringer Temple. And more.

Ah, I don’t have much to discuss about this one. We ran it very much the way it was set up, and without a healer in the party, we almost died (one character was down to 1 hp, I was down to 4). I was disappointed after the fact to discover there were jail cells that acted like “traps” in the encounter, but we never really got to them.

Session 7 is this week. It’s the last in the “sandbox” sessions, although we honestly ran through “on the rails” this season, for convenience.

Session 8 is the final session, and the one which, like Session 1, is pre-scripted.

Next season of Encounters is Storm over Neverwinter, the first “above level 1” season of Encoutners. I’m very much looking forward to it, and decided to organize this season again, in part so I can play Zen, my lazy warlord, who I played through the entire first season of Lost Crown of Neverwinter.

Speaking of that season…. We ran 2 sessions at my local shop, to accommodate all the players, so I ended up playing two different characters. My other character, Naya, was the changeling whose story ended last Tuesday. We’re running a short campaign this week, followed by a new campaign in 2 weeks… in which I play another lazy warlord.

I’m going to have a tough time keeping my PCs straight this season. Which, I suppose, is no different than any other campaign. But this time, I’ll have trouble distinguishing them from each other. [Yes, that was a bi-PC pun. A terrible one, at that.]