D&D Encounters Session 3

goblinfamilySo…. Peter, Chris (usually a DM), and I all played goblins in last night’s game. Gordon played a werewolf berzerker (Wulfig?), and Bryce played an elf archer (but not a ranger!) named Brandis.

We decided we’re all from the same tribe, even though I’m trying to leave it. The tribe headed by the mysterious figure known only as “The Goblin King.” EVERY member of the tribe has a title. I’m known as the “Baroness.” We decided our tribe name is “Los Verditas.” We don’t actually know Spanish, but it means “little green ones.” Except there’s a gender disagreement in the article “los” and the noun “verditAs.”

At one point, we stood on each other’s shoulders and threw a robe over us all to bluff our way into the evil cult temple (which was in the moathouse basement).

It worked. Mostly because the weakest guy on the bottom only had to lift me, and then I lifted Peter’s character. I can’t imagine how hard it would have been if he’d had to carry both of our weights! (Goblin Logic!)

We infiltrated all the way into the head cultist, Lareth’s chambers, where he was performing some ritual for the Cult of Chaos. Brandis closed the door and quietly slid the bar over, locking it. With a silence spell protecting the room, the guards on the other side would be delayed in their arrival.

The cultist started the ritual, and we decided we didn’t want to see what would happen if he finished. The goblins spilled out of the robes and the fight was on!

I scurried over to the double doors with two traps that I recovered from the moathouse last week. I laid one trap and was preparing to put down the other.

Lareth used some woojie power to throw all my friends across the room– including sliding them straight into my trap zone!

The cold font, a hazard that causes 5 points of damage every round, flared and hit the first trap after I’d set it, leaving it with 3 hit points left. Cautiously, I set the second trap, knowing that I needed to not be next to them when they went off! That cold font set up kind of a “ticking time bomb” situation, where we knew the traps would trigger as soon as it flared a second time.

I dashed across the room. My ally (Peter’s character, Herald Robby) was crawling on the floor to get away from the trap as well.

The cold font went off, exploding Trap 1, which blew the door off its hinges and setting off the one next to it. The first trap did a low amount of damage to the guards, who had cover from the doors. The second trap got a “dirty crit” (max damage on the dice), and hit one guard for full damage. Total of 18 points of damage to the guards standing on the other side of the doors. Awww, yeah!

The rest of the fight was fairly typical, with some dazed characters and a lot of charging around in a small room. Herald Robby was a trouper and healed me even though he himself was bloodied. But I was down to my last 5 hit points (whoops!) and really needed the help! After Lareth was killed, we addressed the guards, knocking them out and moving on to the minions, who were bunched up in the hallway trying to get at us.

Well, with an invoker and a monk in the party, minions are really not a threat. We made short work of them, and about half of us took captives.

We did find an interesting scroll that can be used as a magic implement. Weirdly, once I started using it, it got a kind of grimy look to it, and now kind of resembles a Chinese Takeout Menu. Go figure.

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  1. It was super fun running this with you. Goblin escapades are now officially my favorite kind of escapades, which is quite impressive, since before that it was my tanking monk’s escapades that held that role, and you know how much I love my tanking monk’s escapades.

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