My Games

I’ve written and released these games and RPG adventures. A lot of my “gaming content” in my blog comes in the form of narrative write-ups of RPG adventures, with notes on the mechanics involved in telling those stories, but these are actual games or game supplements for anyone to enjoy.

Some of the games here are part of the “14 in 2014” challenge I set for myself to get 14 games to a playtestable state in 2014. I didn’t succeed in the challenge, but I did write some weird little games in the process.

Card Games

  • Kings and Queens – March 12, 2012. Bare-bones deck builder using 2 standard decks of cards.
  • Are You Sheriff Dullard? – August, 2013. A Mafia game hack with a To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar theme.

RPGs and Story Games

Other Games


I also wrote the 30 Days of Worldbuilding guide, which is a quick and dirty way to generate a cohesive setting for writing or playing RPGs.

And if you use the DiceStream app in Google Hangouts for rolling dice, I wrote the online help for that as well.

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