Exploring the Kingdom

Inspired by the GameChef 2015 theme and ingredients.

This is a competitive physical game for one or more players.

You will need:

  • A note-taking device (notebook or cell phone with notepad app)
  • A path or trail in a natural space (woods, wetlands, park, lake, field)
  • Optional, but useful: A field guide

Take a walk or run, in a natural place, preferably with a friend or two.

When you spot an animal (insect, bird, mammal, lizard, turtle, fish, etc.), point it out to your companions– they cannot claim that particular specimen for their list, although they could claim the same species (even if the animal is in a group). Identify what type of animal it is, as far down in taxonomy as you can get. Keep in mind where you are walking; you probably won’t see a dragonfly in the Sunset Dunes desert landscape, but you might see one at the Wetlands Park, just 10 miles away.

Write each unique species of animal you find on your list and mark 2 points. If you get down to the genus, but can’t identify the specific species, you score 1 point. You only get points for any species one time. You can only take the 1-point genus score once per genus.

You have thirty minutes to get more points than the other players.

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