200-word RPG Supplement: Moon Mage Compendium Class

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Developer Statement: I ran an Epyllion campaign in 2014 for some friends of mine and their daughter. When the campaign ended, we picked up Dungeon World and decided to play it in Dragonia, but thousands of years later. Most magic is the human kind, but when our heroes encountered a dragon, we started to learn about Moon Magic, and the possibilities began to open up. This is a compendium class to bring the two settings together.

Moon Mage

CC:By, Stephanie Bryant

A Dungeon World Compendium Class for non-dragon characters’ use in Epyllion’s Dragonia setting. For the 200-word Challenge.

When you form a Bond with a dragon, the next time you level up, you may take this move instead of one from your class.

Moon Speaker

Choose one Moon and Virtue to revere. Any spell or magical effect that you cast may have the cosmetic features of that Moon, with no additional effects.

  • Stone: Honor
  • Storm: Bravery
  • Spirit: Creativity
  • Liberty: Independence

Once you’ve taken Moon Speaker, the following moves count as class moves for you; you may choose from them when you level up:

Friendship Magic

When someone you have a bond with demonstrates the Virtue you revere, gain +1 Friendship. The target of your bond decides if they demonstrated the virtue. You can spend Friendship (max 3) to add to any magic roll.

Moon Spell

When you power your Moon magic with Friendship, describe an effect which you wish to come to pass, and how it fits the Moon or Virtue. Roll+Friendship spent.

On a 10+, pick 2. On a 7-9, pick 1. The magic is:

  • powerful.
  • as noticeable or stealthy as you want.
  • without physical cost.
  • directed where you will.

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