Tiny Dragons/Epyllion Hack

2015-04-13 09.49.28-1This is a hack to use the solo Tiny Dragons RPG and Epyllion together. Your entire Epyllion group must agree to the Tiny Dragon off-table game.

Note: Tiny Dragons is a solo game. Epyllion is a group game. This hack attempts to reconcile the two games so you can play them with the same character.

Character Sheet Conversion:

Epyllion Stat Tiny Dragon Stat
Courage Virtue
Cunning Lore
Moons (only increases with level-up) Magic
Epyllion Moon Tiny Dragon Magic
Stone Force
Storm Lightning
Void Acid
Spirit Ice
Liberty Fire

Note: House and Virtue are entirely narrative in Tiny Dragons, although both should be considered when deciding on your Tiny Dragon’s favorite hoard and diet.

Note: Although Charm is not used in Tiny Dragons, you can use it for any time a Tiny Dragon interacts with other dragons, other creatures, or even non-hypnotized giants.

All new drakes start with a breath/voice that can be used for all the types of magic. When you level up in Epyllion, you lose one form of your breath magic, but you gain +1 Moons/Magic.

Between Epyllion sessions, you can play Tiny Dragons with your character. In your Tiny form, you are not as mighty as in your full draconic glory. Thus, you cannot trade 5 Hoard for a +1 to a stat in Tiny Dragons. Instead, you can trade 5 Hoard for 1 XP in Epyllion. When you level up in Epyllion, your stat increases transfer over to your Tiny form.

To gain food, have your giant take a photo of you with your meal and post it to social media. This is a magical spell known as foodblogging or Instagramming, and the giants seem to love doing it.

In your Tiny form, you are also not as concerned with the Darkness– merely staying alive is a feat! Indeed, your giant will handle all Darkness-related quests while you are in Tiny form. Note that you might find Darkness-related clues and lore in your Tiny form!

End of Epyllion Session Move:

Your Friendship Gems at the end of your Epyllion session are converted instantly to Hoard. Have your giant collect enough hoard items to reflect it (using your friendship gem tokens for hoard makes this easier).

Start of Epyllion Session Move:

You may trade 5 Hoard for 1 Epyllion XP before the start of the session. You must narrate your adventures from your Tiny form to explain how you acquired your hoard. If your group doesn’t have time for your Tiny story, you can write it down or share it at the end of the session.

Encountering Other Dragons and Creatures:

Other dragons, perhaps from your Epyllion group, may be about in your Tiny form! If so, you can give each other Hoard if they do something that meets your virtue! If you encounter new creatures, you never know if they are a possible friend, an enemy, or someone neutral. Try to make friends, though– even if they’ve succumbed to the Darkness, most creatures are good inside and want to be nice.

Attributions: Tiny Dragons RPG is by Paul Beakley. Epyllion is by Marissa Kelly and published by Magpie Games. This hack is permitted by the creators of both original games.

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