TimeWatch Adventures!

Hannibal Crossing the Alps (2/4/14)

TimeWatch has detected an anomaly in the continuum! It doesn’t sound too serious, but we’re pretty sure Hannibal wasn’t riding a triceratops over the mountains. Can your team fix it, rookie?

Recruitment Drive (3/15/14)

“Beware the Ides of March! No, I’m serious, guys– March 15th is, like, seriously a bad-luck day.”

“Maybe it’s just bad luck for you, Julius.”

“Nah– that’s the day I got recruited by TimeWatch. It’s still a bad mojo day, though. Listen, as long as we’re talking recruitment…”

“…. Yes?”

“I’ve got casefiles on a few good men. You guys locked and loaded and ready to rock and or roll?”

“I wish we’d never gotten you that DVD player.”

Little Boy in the Snow (4/7/14)

TO: Dariya
FROM: S. Connor
DATE: August 16, 2098
SUBJECT: Don’t Follow Me

D– Got caught in 2098. Underground bunker. Miscalculated Judg Day. Not sure, but I hear rumors that weird aliens are responsible. Don’t know– surface too hot to investigate. Stuck here till my autochron works again– radiation interfering. The machines aren’t smart enough here. Something went wrong. Fix it before 2075 when the bombs go off. –S.C.

Stop the Zombies (8/14/14)

It’s the zombie apocalypse, & humanity’s survival is hanging by a thin thread. Only you can stop the extinction of our species! Are you up to the task, TimeWatch Agent?

Zombie Dinosaurs? Oh, No! (8/14/14)

TimeWatch just solved the temporal anomaly that nearly destroyed humanity with flesh-eating zombies. Now we have to deal with zombie t-rex, too? What’s next? Trilobyte terrors?

Corporate Zombies (8/15/14)

Having solved the zombie apocalypses threatening Earth, TimeWatch is now struggling against the zombie threat within its very own walls! Can your team resolve it once and for all?

Vikings (8/29/14)

The agents are standing on the site of a salvage operation near Labrador, Canada, observing or working on a crew that is currently salvaging an ancient ship, dating back to <1000 BCE, just before the first known Viking settlement in the Americas. As the vessel is lifted, one of the agents recognizes its shape as being a German U-Boat, and sees the German designation on the side.

Moments later, time ripples. The agents are recalled from this operation by their TimeWatch superior, a sophosaur (previously a human named Lt. Fred Daniels). In fact, most of TimeWatch is operated by sophosaurs, and would the lowly pinks like to come back to the agency and get back on the serious work of bug-hunting the ezeru?