14 Games in 2014

I think I’ve given myself a personal challenge: write 14 games in 2014. It’s part of my unofficial “game design apprenticeship” in which I try to become a great game designer through hard work, study, creativity, and maybe a bit of luck.

I posted about my first two last week, d3 GUM and Night of the Barrel.

I also remembered that a couple of years ago, I wrote a little deck builder called Kings and Queens. I’m still kind of playtesting the rules, but it’s here for anyone who’d like to see it.

So be watching this category/tag for more games. And I’ll be looking for game design contests as well, because they’re very inspirational!

And there’s a new page in the sidebar for Games I’ve Written, where I’ll add games as I release them.

Note I say “release.” I don’t really consider any of these “finished” in the sense of being a polished game, ready for production. But they’re neat little microgames that you can play if you want to, and if you give me your feedback, that’s even better.

Update (3/24): I figured out my criteria for the challenge. When I’m comfortable releasing it here for public playtesting, it counts for the challenge.

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